Borderline Personality Disorder Conference

Posted on Jun 9, 2013 in Happenings

In July Margie Stuchbery will be presenting at a National conference on Borderline Personality Disorder where she will be describing the MBT approach.

Mentalization based treatment (MBT) was developed based on studies of early childhood development and attachment. The gist of Mentalizing is `holding mind in mind’ and perceiving or interpreting behaviour as conjoined with intentional mental states. It is the capacity to perceive and think about human interactions as being motivated by underlying intentional mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, feelings, intents) in oneself and others.

Mentalizing capacity develops during childhood within the context of a secure attachment relationship with a parent who can mentalize the child’s experience and in doing so, foster mentalizing capacity in the developing mind of the child. Mentalizing is crucial to self‐regulation and constructive, intimate relationships. Failure to retain mentalizing is a core problem in borderline personality disorder and can result in severe emotional fluctuations, unstable relationships and impulsivity.

To view the conference program click here.