International Hosts

Posted on May 26, 2013 in Happenings

International Hosts

From the Anna Freud Centre, London, Dr Anthony Bateman will be visiting and conducting the first Sydney based training of Mentalization Based Therapy in August 2013 and will be assisted in this training by Margie Stuchbery.

Mentalization is:

Implicitly and explicitly interpreting the actions of oneself and other as meaningful on the basis of intentional mental states (e.g., desires, needs, feelings, beliefs, & reasons) (Fonagy & Bateman)

Mentalizing is an imaginative skill that can be present to a greater or lesser degree, and involves the flexibility to be able to generate multiple perspectives on the fly. We mentalize in order to adaptively predict and justify our own and others actions. We mentalize to regulate our emotions and impulses. We mentalize in order to have successful social relationships. Life without mentalizing is fraught and unpredictable.

Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) was conceived and developed by Anthony Bateman, in collaboration with Peter Fonagy, Jon Allen, and others as an innovative treatment for borderline personality disorder. Dr. Bateman completed the first randomised controlled trial of day treatment of personality disorder in the UK which has led to major national and international interest because MBT was found to be more effective than standard care. He is now investigating the effective elements of MBT, supervising a multi‐site replication trial in the UK, Holland and Norway, and conducting further process and outcome research studies of MBT in different contexts and conditions such as antisocial personality disorder.

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