Protective Safety Behaviours

It is hard to know how to protect our children while encouraging them to develop age appropriate independence. This workshop introduces parents to some important principles and strategies to help their children if faced with a threat to their safety. We use practical strategies while emphasizing that we all have the right to feel safe and that nothing is so awful that we can’t talk about it to someone.

Initially, the way we explain what is being safe to our children is expanded upon. Then, the importance of knowing and making sense of feelings is discussed. The meaning of, and ways to understand early warning signs is talked about. Knowing about one’s body parts and the difference between good versus bad touch is also elaborated upon. We also need our children to be aware of talking to other children about happy surprises and bad secrets. Developing a safety network is a valuable skill to find a person to talk to if you feel unsafe .We can lastly help children by encouraging persistence and problem solving.