Fees and Rebates


Fees at Maternal Connections are guided by the national schedule of recommended rates of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). The Australian Psychological Society recommended hourly fee for psychologists in 2012-2013 is $222. The Clinical Psychologists at Maternal Connections charge less than this rate.

Consultations are typically 50 to 60 minutes long. The initial appointment can be longer in order to allow enough time to gain a detailed understanding of your background and situation.

Fees are payable at the time of consultation, by cash or cheque. Appointments can be rescheduled without attracting any fee up to 24 hours before the negotiated appointment time. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will attract the full fee.



Mental Health Plan

If you have a referral from a General Practioner (GP) or Psychiatrist, with a Mental Health Plan, you can claim a proportion of your fees from Medicare. The current rebate for a 50+ minute session with a Psychologist is $84.80; and with a Clinical Psychologist is $124.50.

On the GP Mental Health Plan, you are entitled to a rebate for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year. This is required to be in the format of an initial 6 sessions, followed by a review with your GP regarding your progress and the need for an additional 4 sessions.

Private Health

If you are not using a Mental Health Plan, a portion of the session fee may be claimable with your private health fund. Since the amount you can claim back varies between funds, and with the type of cover, it is best to contact your health fund.


For Further Information

Go to www.psychology.org.au/medicare . Click on ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative’,  then click on ‘Information for clients’.

We welcome your questions and enquiries. Please feel free to Contact us with any questions that you may have regarding fees.