Reflective Parenting

Modifying your child’s behaviour with reinforcement (star charts, praise etc) is one way of approaching the struggles that emerge with parenting. Sometimes however, understanding the underlying meaning of a child’s behaviour is more helpful in resolving these family struggles and impasses than behaviour modification by reinforcement. Making sense of a child’s behaviour is not always an easy task, however. We understand how puzzling it can be to understand why a child repeats behaviours that are unhelpful.

In this 8 week group we focus on developing your capacity as parents to reflect on your child’s internal world and to begin to make sense of their behaviour and your own reactions to it. Learning how to read what your child is telling you with their behaviour can be very rewarding and can enrich your relationship. Developing this reflective capacity helps you to become more of a resource for your child and to better manage yourself in your relationship with your child.