What we offer


Individual therapy

We provide short term and long-term therapy. Individual therapy is a supportive and confidential process. Therapy can be helpful when you are troubled by feelings of depression or undue anxiety or when you find your relationships are getting stuck in an unhelpful pattern. Feeling depressed, anxious or havingrelationship difficulties can be particularly troubling when these feelings occur around the birth of a child.  This can be in part because of our own and others’ expectations of this being such a happy time.


Certain conditions can place particular strains on the parent-infant relationship- such as postnatal depression, anxiety, stress and even grief. When the mind is preoccupied with other worries or not functioning well, as in depression, it can be hard to find the space to relate and bond with your infant. We understand that sometimes the parent-infant relationship can get off track. Parent-infant therapy can help you get this important relationship back on track.

We also provide supervision and consultation to practitioners seeking expert advice when working with infants and their parents or who want help making a referral.


Sometimes toddlers and children can develop behaviours that really worry parents. Children may be angry and have difficulty calming down, or can appear anxious or depressed for no apparent reason. We understand how perplexing this can be for parents. When attempts to modify or control the behaviour have failed then parent-child therapy can help resolve these impasses. Often these behaviours are a result of an underlying distress that is difficult to figure out.

This therapy aims to work with parents to figure out the child’s underlying internal states that result in the behaviour, Thus we create the opportunity to repair the distress, and the behaviour usually falls away. We believe that the best resource for a child is the parent and helping parents develop the capacity to make sense of their child is a lifelong and valuable parenting skill